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Recruitment services and IT services go hand in hand for some of our clients. In a constantly changing digital world, Collabera remains committed in supporting its clients in optimizing their operations by providing comprehensive IT services and solutions.

We offer scalable, flexible, and secured services using our client certified remote development centers in US and Asia-Pacific region.



Turning the costs of IT ownership into meaningful productivity and ROI is a challenge in any business environment. This is further complicated by the need to upgrade existing infrastructure, drive transformation across the board, and find the right talent to man your mission-critical systems.
Partnering with Collabera for application managed services lets you bridge your organizational skill gaps, and take the risk out of your digital transformation.

Build – For today & tomorrow

Accelerate your IT performance with shorter development cycles, continuous feedback delivery and frequent, agile-oriented version control and release management.

Test – For every scenario

Are your projects hamstrung by testing cycles that never end? Deploy a new generation of automation-driven QA tools, and let your IT specialists shift focus to their next big innovation.

Deploy – And disrupt

Best-in-class cloud and hybrid capabilities customized for your needs ensure that IT change, integration and deployment is always a quick, hassle-free experience.


Application Management

Place the complexity, cost and effectiveness of your application portfolio in perfect equilibrium.

  • Scalable execution approaches and automation-based models that drive down costs
  • Best-in-class process monitoring, fewer failure points and faster roadblock resolution
  • Improved end-user engagement and feedback channels for continuous service optimization

Application Development

Digital innovation aimed at fulfilling your organizational needs, while unlocking new efficiencies.

  • Leverage Collabera’s 100+ years of combined expertise in end-to-end app development to fuel your business success
  • Rely on ISO 9000 QA processes that support thousands of diverse application models
  • Whether you use Azure, AWS or mainframe platforms, we’ve got your needs covered

Agile Transformation

Go from an experimental scrum team to a global, agile-enabled organization.

  • Coaches and consultants with experience of 50+ Agile transformations
  • Training programs that address process, culture and team values to power agile success
  • Comprehensive agile roll-out and performance optimization for all teams at every level

QA & Testing Automation

Squash bugs and identify critical risk factors at a fraction of your manual testing expenditures.

  • Test for multiple devices and platforms at the same time, and dramatically reduce your time-to-market
  • Eliminate human error and move closer to 100% testing consistency
  • Run QA initiatives 24×7, without devoting resources to manual iterative testing

API Management

Get integration insights, monetize new channels and optimize the entire API lifecycle.

  • Rapidly build APIs for both internal and customer-centric interfaces
  • Leverage predictive analytics for an end-to-end view of your product performance across all stakeholder groups
  • Drive revenue through the channels of your choice, leveraging best-in-class security features to protect your data streams

Application Modernization

Upgrade your core and peripheral applications to meet cutting-edge AI, enterprise and blockchain standards.

  • Remove legacy roadblocks to new business initiatives
  • Expand the scope and interoperability of your system of record applications
  • Reduce spend and dependency on out-moded skill sets
  • Improve UI and unify data and functions from multiple applications on a single platform


To stay competitive in a constantly evolving market, enterprises can no longer rely on yesterday’s systems and wholly on-premise solutions. But often, adding and optimizing new technologies to your existing landscape can severely disrupt your operations.
Collabera’s cloud services help you seamlessly transition from legacy to cloud platforms, while checking all the boxes for compliance, compatibility and infrastructure support.

100% compliance

Hit all your security, regulatory, technical and service benchmarks without stretching your resources.

Support for every platform

Best-in-class cloud solutions for AWS, Azure, ServiceNow, SalesCloud and OpenStack and over 15 years of implementation expertise.

Frameworks for your IT core

Do you need a total migration or just strategic modernization? Find out with the SMART approach to cloud infrastructure.


Cloud Services

Enjoy on-demand scale and centralized IT, while freeing up resources for business strategic functions.

  • Single-click centralized governance and bug-free virtualization lets you drive resources away from IT infrastructure and into better business results
  • Unify communications and enable richer collaboration across your entire organization
  • Deploy NOC-based operations and integrated system architecture that make it easy to maintain and support your infrastructure

DevOps Automation

Orchestrate development, integration and deployment in multi-cloud environments and quickly deliver solutions that are designed for increasing customer expectations.

  • Automated environments for 360-degree, multi-device and multi-platform testing
  • Continuous configuration and integration automation for at-pace optimization
  • Get your solution to market ahead of the competition, with drastically accelerated development cycles

Cloud Migration

Unlock your capital via public, private or hybrid cloud models – discover which works best for your business outcomes.

  • Hybrid, public and private cloud migration models that help you get the most from IT change
  • Elite workload migration, testing and validation protocols for zero downtime
  • Upgrade productivity and performance, without adding complexity or security flaws to your organizational framework

Infrastructure Support

Collabera’s infrastructure management services include support for all devices and platforms, with a focus on reducing IT dependency.

  • Give all your attention to core business areas, while we drive down costs via optimized infrastructure
  • Task your IT teams with an innovation-first approach, while we handle the humdrum of troubleshooting and service requests
  • Remove legacy systems and bloatware from your application portfolio, while empowering all stakeholders with dedicated service and help desks

IaaS, Paas & SaaS

Build a more agile, powerful organization using Collabera’s advanced suite of cloud services that delivers scale without the cost of ownership.

  • Advisory sessions that help you understand and assess your IT landscape and establish an optimized cloud strategy
  • Transform your organization with error-free AWS, Azure, OpenStack and SalesCloud migration
  • Set up the right tools to ensure all the right business outcomes including automation frameworks and monitoring mechanisms


Push into new markets, maintain data integrity and security, and give your entire organization a single source of truth. Collabera’s data management solutions can help develop new revenue streams, shorten your time-to-decision and improve strategic outcomes across the board.

Manage – Even the most complex data flows

Organize hundreds of disparate streams of data on one platform that offers a single source of truth for all your decision-making needs

Maintain – A flawless record of business activity

Eliminate duplication and dummy data on a day-to-day basis and clean up both critical and auxiliary file systems

Master – The art of data-driven decision-making

Acquire key insights from your organization-wide data streams and make the decisions that drive innovation and disruption


Data Strategy & Architecture

Acquire new data models that will help you leverage new technology, connect with customers, refresh internal processes and much more.

  • Architect and deploy new technologies across every facet of your organization
  • Deploy high-performance managed data solutions that help reduce future data maintenance costs
  • Support your long-term IT needs and align your operations with cutting-edge data management practices

Data Insights

Collabera’s data engineering services can uncover thousands of relevant insights and deliver the right data, to the right stakeholders, at the right time.

  • Static and dynamic reports organized and distributed by role and level
  • Automated data extraction, ingestion and re-formatting
  • Pre-built solutions, contextual data enrichment and accelerators to shorten time-to-insights
  • Smart, interactive dashboards that can be customized for evolving business needs

Enterprise Data Management

Invest in cleaner, richer quickly accessible data that makes for stronger decisions and more accurate organizational assessments.

  • Clean up, de-duplicate and declutter your data streams to build a more accurate picture of organizational performance
  • Deploy a data management framework that addresses your unique needs & complexities
  • Best-in-class security protocols ensure your data is never leaked to 3rd parties or bad actors
  • Migrate from legacy systems to your target solution with no data loss and minimal downtime

Data Governance

Define how data is created, shared and analysed through the different layers of your organization to improve overall vision and core capabilities.

  • 100% compliance with security, quality and regulatory frameworks
  • Leverage quality data performance testing and capacity planning for current and future scaling
  • Implement low latency networking architecture for global, real-time data access

Big Data Analytics

Turn raw information to real insights with Collabera’s best-in-class big data solutions that unlock new possibilities and opportunities.

  • Customized big data strategy, big data maturity roadmap and reference architecture
  • Industry tailored frameworks for unique, domain-oriented perspectives
  • Advanced visualization tools that help users quickly process and apply business insights


If legacy systems and inadequate infrastructure are slowing your expansion, partner with Collabera to revamp your approach to business. Our design thinking-led approach to technology consulting expands your core capabilities, while effortlessly scaling new offerings.

Deep Domain Expertise

With over 5000 transformation specialists and implementations across 15 industries, bank on Collabera to cut through to the heart of your challenges

Integrate & Scale

Let us help you build architecture that prioritizes rapid service scaling and integration between process, platforms and talent

Refresh & Rearm

Upgrade legacy systems and curate a fresh set of applications to enhance workforce productivity and empower your business leaders


Enterprise Architecture

Discover agile enterprise architecture solutions that deploy specialized toolsets and frameworks to help you quickly achieve strategic objectives.

  • Align IT planning with core business goals to drive seamless synergy between tech and operational strategy
  • Stimulate and expedite innovation with market-ready, industry specific frameworks and business pilots
  • Deploy non-disruptive tech upgrades that enable simplified and agile processes across your entire organization

Business Architecture

Define how your processes, competencies, roles and technology intersect and help you hit all the right business outcomes.

  • Capacity modeling and design that uncovers your true competencies, helping you quickly achieve your key objectives
  • End-to-end business process architecture for leaner operations that power robust business results
  • Identify the organizational structures that help you boost productivity while eliminating redundancies and lowering costs

Solution Architecture

Whatever your project requirements, our solution architects will design a framework that assures all the right business outcomes.

  • In-depth discovery and need-mapping techniques that eliminate delays and budget-overruns
  • Extreme programming approach to solution architecture that prioritizes short iterations and agile methodology
  • Advanced governance and automation protocols to cut down time-to-market and deliver more predictable systems

Product & Platform Engineering

Comprehensive product and platform development capabilities that build full-stack solutions for accelerated business growth.

  • Full product development life-cycle management from planning and testing to deployment and maintenance
  • Drive productivity with ready-to-deploy CI platforms that support simultaneous hardware and software testing
  • Innovation to revitalize potentially obsolete product lines and establish greater cost savings

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