Collabera Poland | Digital Engineering and Talent Orchestration

Leading financial digital service organization streamlined business operation improving user interface.


One of the leading financial services organisations which is transforming the Financial industry’s approach to digital with their singular, no-code software platform for Digital and Commerce enablement wanted to enhance their operation end of their business process. They wanted to ensure that their software platform provided for a seamless experience with improved functionality and improved user/customer experience.


Collabera partnered with them enabling them in scaling up their development operations by identifying skilled talent and training them on APL, one of the oldest programming languages. Knowledge of APL was a crucial requirement as it influences the development of concept modelling and functional programming that were core to their platform functionalities. The trained resources were deployed immediately where they played a crucial role in overall development of user interface and core business operations such as streamlining the entire back-end support and operations.


  • Resources trained and deployed with the shortest TAT, enabling client to be on track with their project.
  • Overall development of user interface and experience.

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