Top Global Managed IT Services Provider in Poland

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Top Global Managed IT Services Provider in Poland

Managed HR and recruitment services have been very common for corporate companies these days, all the HR and recruitment related tasks like sourcing, on boarding, pay-rolling, managing HR compliances are taken care of by the vendors. It makes it very easy for companies to focus on their core competencies once they outsource insignificant but compulsory tasks to the vendors.

Three main reasons driving it Hiring IT Services Company like Collabera:

  1. An outsider to their internal Leave cycles – full attendance always
  2. Objective Performance standards for each employee
  3. Hiring focus on their own internal product/service driven decisions

On the same lines, Managed IT service is gaining popularity in the corporate world. Information Technology has become the backbone of the corporate world, it is not possible to even think about doing business without information technology. But, IT is changing by the day, it is not possible for companies to keep pace with the changing trends in Information Technology, which presents a clear danger of lagging behind from the competitors.  In today’s world of cloud technology, it is very convenient (and sensible) to opt for Managed IT services as it helps in saving a considerable cost of IT infrastructure and also a lot of hassle.

Highest Infrastructure & resource backup strategy

Collabera offers a varied range of services and one of the services we offer is Managed IT services. There are a lot of services that the clients can opt for under managed IT services depending on what do they want to achieve.  Managed IT services can help in optimizing business with end-to-end IT services and solutions. Collabera has proximity development centres in US and APAC region that are client certified. Collabera managed IT services and solutions are scalable, flexible, and secure backed by the best-in-class infrastructure.

There are multiple services that Collabera Poland offers, below is the list of few of them.

  • Network and Infrastructure Management
  • Application co-engineering Services
  • Big Data and Analytics
  • End User Services
  • Cloud COE
  • Agile Transformation and DevOps
  • Integrated PMO Services

With managed IT services, it becomes easier for companies to manage their IT infrastructure in Poland and solution and they also get a cutting edge over their competitors in terms of getting the expertise that is hard to come by. There are a lot of options to choose from the managed IT services, for more information regarding managed IT services please feel free to contact us.


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